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The FHS experiments with art, technology and ideas at the intersection of far-reaching technologies from oral traditions to artificial intelligence and beyond. Specific research areas include, but are not limited to artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics, and bio-art inclusive of computer vision, data equity, community agreement, governance, and care. Emphasis is on art and knowledge production exploring concepts, questions, and intuitions through free study, practice, craft, tinkering, collaboration and process with the aim of combating techno supremacy by modeling and alternative methodologies with the potential for tangible social impact.

Technologies used in the studio include fast GPU based computer workstations for AI computation, state of the art Optitrack motion capture system, 3d scanning, digital material cutting, 3-d printing, a variety of micro computers and sensors for the creation of interactive experiences, tools for the creations of augmented and virtual reality and volumetric experiences. These equipment are optimized for research in emerging technologies impacting society and technologically enabled storytelling.


Motion Capture

Volumetric Capture

AI / Machine Learning

3d Scanning

3d Printing

Laser Cutting

Spatial Computing

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

Physical Computing

Cross-Disciplinary Thought & Exploration